Patentability Research and Opinions

Filing a patent application and obtaining a patent can be expensive. An invention must, among other things, be new to be patentable. Therefore, in order to obtain a grasp of the likelihood of success, Tech Valley Patent encourages all of its clients to pursue at least some of search of what is known in the field of the invention, that is, the "prior art," to determine whether the invention is indeed new, before pursing the preparing and filing of a patent application. Tech Valley Patent can direct you to free online resources that can assist you in your research, or employ the fee-based services of prior art searching professionals.

In addition, Tech Valley Patent provides "patentability opinions" based upon what you or the professional searcher uncovers. These detailed opinions comprise an analysis and comparison of your invention to the prior art uncovered, and provide an indication of the likelihood of obtaining a patent for your invention based upon this comparison to what is uncovered. The knowledge obtained by such a prior art research can also enhance the quality of the patent application drafted and the quality of patent ultimately obtained.