Tech Valley Patent Testimonials

My partner and I were new to the patent application process. John is extremely knowledgeable and able to explain the complicated nuances of the process in layman's terms. We were able to complete the process in 2 months, which included a search of similar patents, drafting the language of the patent as well as having a draftsman draw diagrams to our specifications. John knows exactly how to word the application to make it comprehensive and cover any potential alterations that others may pursue. He is always prompt with responses and was able to steer us in the right direction for additional legal advice. We are fortunate to have someone with John's expertise working in this area. I would not hesitate to recommend John to others.

- T. Jorgensen, M.D., Queensbury, New York

"I first obtained the services of John Pietrangelo in 2009, when he was employed by an Albany law firm. He prepared, filed, and successfully prosecuted my U.S. patent U.S. 8,303,767. That application was prepared with the highest level of professionalism and all 20 claims initially submitted were approved by the US Patent Office.

In late 2018, my small consulting company consulted John, now with Tech Valley Patent, for the preparation and filing of a provisional application. John was the only patent agent or attorney I spoke with. Again, John afforded me the highest level of professional service. He basically advised me of all the questions I needed to ask him, then he answered all of them in communications that were very easy to understand. He also made the DOs and the DONíTs very clear to me in language that was simple to understand. Also, the cost of his professional services was very reasonable."

- Dr. Raymond Francis, sole or co-inventor on 13 U.S. patents.
Syracuse, New York

"After the fact, when I look over my patents and reflect, I am amazed at the detailed depth of understanding, conceptual and technical, that John Pietrangelo was able to translate from our discussions to paper. John, as if he were a finance banker, made me comfortable describing the smallest details of my invention, and in turn calmly accepted, often offering knowledgeable critical debate, my corrections about technical details. In our discussions, he made it clear that I was the inventor, and his job was to navigate the patent application process. John was very organized in presenting the patent process, from start to patent application filing and beyond, for my US and Japanese patents. John is easy to communicate with."

- W. A. Loeb, Glens Falls, NY, inventor, US Patent 9,739,994

"I highly recommend the services of John Pietrangelo and Tech Valley Patent. I requested that John quickly prepare an application for me, and in going over every detail in the application he drafted to the best of my ability, it seemed plain as day to me that he totally busted his hump on putting everything together in such a professional and concise manner. I canít thank him enough for taking on my project and working so hard on it in such a quick and timely fashion. It was like from the first phone call, he understood my invention as well as realizing that timing is of the utmost importance. He did a Great Job!"

- P. Thompson, Castleton, VT

"I recently used the services of Tech Valley Patent for preparing and filing both a provisional and a non-provisional patent application for my invention. John Pietrangelo's professionalism and expertise made this an easy process. I highly recommend the services of Tech Valley Patent."

- K. R. Brown, Queensbury, NY

"Since helping me protect my invention with a patent, John Pietrangelo continues to think about me and how I can market my invention. I find myself thinking, 'Now this is customer service.' John truly works hard to assist his clients."

- G. Simone, Inventor, U.S. Design Patent 683,441, Queensbury, NY

"Being new to the invention space, we found a knowledgable business partner in Tech Valley Patent. John Pietrangelo made the process smooth and easy for us. He produced a well written and detailed patent that successfully cleared the U.S. Patent Office. We will use his expertise for future projects with confidence."

- R. J. Groshek, Co-Inventor of Ovenscentsô oven deodorant, St. Charles, Illinois

"I have been using the skills and services of John Pietrangelo for many years now. His expertise has guided me through all of my patents with accuracy and efficiency. In Tech Valley Patent I get attention to detail and the focused application of John's skills. I would recommend Tech Valley Patent over all others. Hands down."

- C. Cooper, Director - Automation Systems Development, RMF Steel Products Company, Grandview, Missouri

"Make no mistake, if you need a place to start your invention process, you couldn't do better going anywhere else. John Pietrangelo will guide you through with professionalism and a keen understanding of the client's needs. TECH VALLEY PATENT was the first step I took in the direction of success. I consider John an asset, and a member of my team, and will always go to him first for all my future IP needs."

- J. Kirshon, IMPACT TECHNOLOGIES LLC, Queensbury, NY

"I have years of experience with patent firms across the country, and I would highly recommend Tech Valley Patent. We receive the expertise we expect, and more importantly, the attention we deserve. We are about to enter infringement proceedings against a mammoth company, and the completeness and thoroughness of our initial application prepared by Tech Valley Patent puts us in a position of great strength. You would never know we are a small company in a big arena."

- M.W. Kowalczyk, President, Mohawk Machine Works, Amsterdam, NY